Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower organizations to drive resonating impact in their marketplaces and communities. We are a team of “whole brain” thinkers who balance creative and analytical thinking to produce work that is emotionally engaging, yet delivers a measurable return on investment.

What really sets the Impact team apart, however, is our dedication to understanding the challenges that keep our clients and their audiences up at night, and the aspirations that power them through each day. We take great pride in being experts in the issues that matter most to our clients and their constituents, and that passion shines through in the quality of our client service and powerful relevance and results of our products. We are privileged to work with organizations changing this world for the better, and we are proud to play a part in telling their stories.


Our Vision

Our vision is to earn our place as the preferred marketing and communications partner for mission-oriented organizations. We will maintain a relentless commitment to industry thought leadership, best-in-class client service, and products that generate client results, loyalty, and advocacy. We will use the power of marketing and communications to help our client partners realize lasting impact—whether it’s through encouraging healthier behaviors in a community, bringing a more effective product to market, or opening people’s hearts and minds to a cause.