White House Report

White House Office of National AIDS Policy

Impact helped The White House to secure meaningful constituent feedback from affected communities to inform policy creation for the first-ever National HIV/AIDS Strategy. Senior White House staff members were planning to launch a 14-city national town hall campaign, but they needed a way to capture the outcome of those meetings in a succinct and actionable way. Impact recommended a content analysis segmented by the President’s three primary goals for the Strategy. We attended town hall discussions, combed through meeting transcripts, reviewed Web and e-mail submissions, and wrote a report summarizing the findings.

After analyzing contributions from 4,285 community participants, as well as 267 hard-copy written submissions and 719 Web submissions, from across 46 states, 3 territories, and the District of Columbia, IMC created Community Ideas for Improving the Response to the Domestic HIV Epidemic: A Report on a National Dialogue on HIV/AIDS. This report was named “Best Custom Publication” by the Association of Women in Communications and went on to inform the development of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and the associated federal implementation plans.

You can learn more about Impact’s role in creating the White House report by clicking on the Case Study link.