in+care Campaign

New York State Department of Health’s National Quality Center

Approximately 3 out of 5 HIV-positive people in the United States do not regularly see their doctor, which means that they are more infectious and more likely to become sick themselves. The New York State Department of Health’s National Quality Center (NQC), sought to raise awareness and address this public health challenge through the rollout of a national campaign. Impact was brought in to develop successful messaging and launch a multipronged, multimedia campaign.

We worked with NQC to segment the target audiences and create a brand identity for what became the in+care Campaign. The name and logo of the campaign highlighted NQC’s overall goal of improving retention and engagement in HIV primary care. Recruitment materials (including a literature review, letter, and folder) were mailed to health care providers and were accompanied by an animated awareness video, an informational Webinar series, e-newsletter blasts, a campaign Website, and a bilingual poster. Impact participated in the planning committee for the campaign and provided project management support to ensure a smooth rollout and to offer consistency throughout all stages of the project.

The in+care Campaign recruited 648 health care providers serving more than 473,000 HIV-positive patients, representing the largest HIV-specific national retention campaign to date. An Impact-led focus group of participating providers validated the campaign’s positive impact, confirming high levels of satisfaction.

You can learn more about Impact’s role in creating launching the in+care Campaign by clicking on the Case Study link.