Cook Mayer Taylor Investments, a firm best known for its success in the domestic small cap arena, had grown considerably in recent years and began investing for institutions and high net worth clients around the world. In light of this expansion, Cook Mayer Taylor brought in Impact Marketing + Communications to revitalize its brand image as an increasingly enterprising but still quality-focused firm.

Impact completely rebranded Cook Mayer Taylor Investments, transforming it into SouthernSun Asset Management. In addition to this new name, we developed a unique company logo and launched a brand-new Website, using original photography and carefully selected messaging to convey more effectively a continued dedication to client relations in the midst of expanding global visibility. Branded materials such as printed brochures, stationery, and business cards echoed this representation as an innovative yet trusted investment firm.

SouthernSun Asset Management’s new brand identity enhanced its perception in the financial community as a dynamic firm with a strong track record of success. It is continuing to expand into international markets and launch new investment strategies with the support of a growing team of analysts, making it a true leader in the field.

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