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Bringing Research Best Practices to Health Care Providers

The Challenge

The Integrating HIV Innovative Practices (IHIP) project is built upon the work of the Ryan White Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) Program, which distributes grants to fund HIV/AIDS research aimed at improving effective care delivery systems. IHIP lies at the intersection of this innovation and its implementation, enabling Ryan White providers to apply the most current knowledge of HIV/AIDS treatment and patient care to practice within their own clinics. To bridge the gap between research findings and information dissemination, IHIP partnered with Impact Marketing + Communications in hopes of utilizing our expertise in creating comprehensive yet clear educational materials.

Our Solution

Impact creates IHIP products that are informed by SPNS research and evaluation, forming a standard toolkit that provides technical and capacity-building assistance to health care providers. These resources include training manuals, educational curricula, monographs of specific case studies, interactive Webinars, and discussion boards to ask questions and share experiences. We regularly add products to the IHIP website, making it a dynamic source of information on cutting-edge HIV/AIDS research, as well as an opportunity for Ryan White providers to connect with their peers in the online community. Additionally, we increased IHIP's overall Web presence by collaborating with related organizations and promoting IHIP in e-newsletters.


IHIP has been incredibly effective in circulating recent SPNS findings on HIV/AIDS treatment and care, with the webpage nearing 5,000 hits and the listserv steady around 500. This is reinforced by the fact that the most recent Webinar series on Engaging Hard-to-Reach Populations reached capacity, suggesting that both providers and members of the HIV/AIDS community are eager to participate in Web-based learning. Assisting SPNS grantees in effectively communicating new models of care to Ryan White providers facilitates better treatment for and care of HIV/AIDS patients and will ultimately lead to healthier communities.

“The curriculum and training guide are everything that we've always wanted in terms of trying to explain, not only to our family and loved ones but to our clients and bosses, what exactly it is that we do and why we do it. And I can't be more thrilled with the product and the way that this will be so useful to us and to others in the field. I'm really excited about it.”

— Alison O. Jordan, Executive Director at New York City Department
of Health and Mental Hygiene, Correctional Health Services/Transitional
Health Care Coordination, Riker’s Island, N.Y.

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