At Impact, our people are our greatest asset. We value and nurture our team members, providing opportunities for personal growth and career advancement. To learn more about the exciting career paths of our current Impact team members, please visit the Our Team page.

Currently, we do not have any job openings for immediate hire, but we are always looking for talented people to join our team as contractors or interns. If you are interested in working at Impact, please email us your resume and a brief cover letter stating why you are interested in working with us.

“I was initially attracted to Impact because I saw the quality, passion, and service related to their products. What most appealed to me, however, was that I could gain an education here. I wouldn't be an assembly-line worker like I would have been at a larger organization. Instead, I could refine my writing and editing skills, learn how to manage projects and liaison with clients, work alongside graphic designers on selecting images or overseeing press inspections. I would be privileged to not only tell stories but have a hand in writing Impact’s story as well.

Everything I suspected—and hoped for—about my time here has come true. We've done valuable work for our clients and during my tenure I've held four different positions. The misnomer about small businesses is that there’s no upward movement but, instead, at Impact, as employees prove themselves, the company has the flexibility to embrace those capabilities, carve out a place for them and, together, thrive all the more.”

—Sarah Cook-Raymond, Managing Director